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Arbitron to Increase Sampling Through Diaries

Arbitron to Increase Sampling Through Diaries

Broadcasters have been asking Arbitron to increase audience sample sizes for years. That seems to be on the horizon as Arbitron begins using its radio diary database to increase the sample size used to tabulate the audience estimates for Radio’s All Dimension Audience Research – RADAR – network radio ratings service. Arbitron’s expanded research will begin with the release of the RADAR 73 network radio ratings report this June.
RADAR is a national radio ratings service that measures audiences to radio commercials aired on 31 radio networks operated by ABC, American Urban Radio Networks, Premiere and Westwood One. Arbitron bought RADAR from Statistical Research Inc. last July.
RADAR produces estimates using a 12-month, 12,000-person telephone survey and a commercial clearance collection system. In June, Arbitron will increase by 12,500 the number of diaries collected in each quarter to a maximum of 50,000 in RADAR 76 in March 50,000. Also, RADAR plans to reduce the number of phone surveys by 3,000 every quarter from 12,000 in March, 2002, to zero in March 2003.