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Backbone Radio 4.2 Brings QuickTime Features to Internet Radio

Backbone Radio 4.2 Brings QuickTime Features to Internet Radio

Backbone Networks Corp. debuted Backbone Radio 4.2, which brings the features of iTunes 7 to Internet radio broadcasters and their listeners.
For radio stations, the company says this integration provides greater access to programming content and a mechanism for generating additional e-commerce revenues through the iTunes Affiliate program. For listeners, the integration enables an iTunes Library or iTunes Store search for radio content, which can be purchased and downloaded, as well as image-enhanced streaming via iTunes.
Station managers can load music programming from their own iTunes libraries, and Backbone software loads in the songs’ URL and album cover art from the iTunes Store, based on artist, title and album names. These images, text and URL are streamed with the audio, and together form the basis for active audience participation, including clickable commerce.
Backbone Radio is a software suite that enables Mac users to create and operate professional radio stations for the Internet. Since its inception, Backbone Radio has supported Apple QuickTime technology and its features. The company says version 4.2 is dedicated to bringing these features to the Internet radio industry and to its audience.
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