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Bangladesh: Spice FM Adds Lawo’s crystalCLEAR

Virtual studio technology aims to change how the station’s programming is delivered

The new 96.4 Spice FM radio station in Dhaka, Bandladesh, has hit the airwaves with the help of Lawo virtual studio technology. Specifically, the station installed the company’s crystralCLEAR virtual mixer in May, helping with how programming is delivered.

The studio features two PC screens, one for the crystalCLEAR virtual console and the other for radio automation. The cyrstalCLEAR PC also handles social media and other internet services for the station.

Lawo explains that the crystalCLEAR system is software-based and provides a virtual mixing interface, high-res computer display and can be operated without physical knobs, buttons or faders, presenting the controls and information needed at a specific time.

The Spice FM studio also features four microphones and a headphone amplifier and a telephone set.

The station began broadcasting in July.