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BBC Bangla Radio and TV Content Reaches 15 Million

Seven million people in Bangladesh tune in to BBC Bangla radio programs each week

BBC’s 2017 Global Audience Measure says BBC Bangla radio and TV content now reaches 15 million people in Bangladesh each week.

According to the report, seven million people tune in to the BBC Bangla radio programs, which are produced in London and Dhaka and air on the state FM network, Bangladesh Betar as well as on shortwave and via Nine million watch the BBC Bangla weekly television program, “BBC Probaho,” broadcast on Thursdays by the BBC’s rebroadcasting partner, Channel-i.

In addition the BBC says that over the past year, BBC Bangla has seen a noteworthy increase in web and social-media reach, engaging some 1.4 million people worldwide on a weekly basis via its website and on social media.

BBC Bangla is part of the BBC World Service.