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Belkin Debuts TuneCast Auto Live FM App

Free app for controlling TuneCast iPhone interface

Belkin’s TuneCast Auto Live is a small iPhone interface that uses an FM transmitter to translate the iPhone signal onto a local radio such as a car receiver. It sells for $79.99.

ClearScan Live Phone App, a free app, uses the iPhone’s internal GPS system to determine the best local frequency for translation use. The app can also operate as a controller for the transmitter and the iPhone’s music operations.

ClearScan Live Phone App is available from, where else, the iTunes Store.

The TuneCast hardware is also compatible with the iPod touch, nano and classic music players.

Here’s the pitch from Belkin for its latest consumer electronics offering: “Quickly find the best FM station with the help of your iPhone GPS system and location-based user feedback. ClearScan Live iPhone App conveniently recommends the best FM frequencies based on your GPS coordinates. Control your FM transmission easily from your iPhone screen.”

Details here.