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Bird Electronic Offers Power Monitor

Bird Electronic Offers Power Monitor

Bird Electronics is offering site management products for IBOC and analog power measurement, for power levels between 250 watts and 150 kW, at frequencies between 50 MHz and 470 MHz.
Its Broadcast Power Monitor has a 10 dB peak-to-average power signal handling capability, which the company says makes it suitable for IBOC and multi-carrier systems. Forward and reflected power levels, VSWR, return loss and match efficiency can be displayed on the rack-mounted digital display or to a PC. Alarms and interlocks can provide the transmitter protection from high VSWR conditions.
Another Bird item is the Wideband Coupler power measurement system; it can measure low- or high-level combined IBOC and analog RF power using a hand-held digital meter with a Terminating Power Sensor and line section/directional coupler. This portable system offers an alternative solution for measuring RF power.