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Broadcast Ad Spending Conference in New Jersey

BIA/Kelsey Conference to Examine Digital Advertising Migration

It’s not news to broadcasters that the future of broadcast advertising is digital and that digital can come in many forms and formats.

To discuss this migration, broadcast consultancy BIA/Kelsey plans a conference, “Digital Strategies for Broadcasting — New Platforms, New Revenues,” at the Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson River, May 17–19.

Building off of a new BIA/Kelsey advisory service dedicated to digital ad strategies for broadcasters, the conference will investigate rapidly changing conditions for local broadcasters, digital technologies here and to come including trends in apps, digital advertising evolution, broadcast sector financial concerns, expectations and options, ad agency changes and HD Radio.

Chief Strategy Officer and Program Director of Digital Strategies for Broadcasting Rick Ducey said: “Broadcasters must evolve to participate in more areas of the media ecosystem. This means developing the right multiplatform and multiple revenue stream strategies, which in turn requires new workflow, partnerships, business models and resources.”