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FCC Receives 158 Applications for CP Auction

Auction 109 bidding schedule to be announced in early July

One hundred and fifty-eight initial applications to participate in Auction 109 have been received by the Federal Communications Commission.

That auction of 136 FM and four AM construction permits is scheduled for July 27.

The FCC says 107 of the applications arrived complete, 50 more require additional information, and one was rejected.

Applicants whose information was incomplete or deficient (here’s the list) will get a letter instructing them to resubmit by June 16.

Applicants accepted for filing must make an upfront payment by the same date; if the applicant later becomes a winning bidder, it will have to fill out a longer-form application showing its qualifications to hold a CP or license and its eligibility for any bidding credit.

Many applications named only one permit, but some are pursuing numerous permits. Those include 3D Built, ColdTrain Media, Estrella Broadcasting, Mainstreet Broadcasting Co., Mekeddesh Group, Michael Radio Co. and Tracy K. Wood (here’s the list of completed initial applications).

One application, from 2820 Communications, was rejected because the FCC isn’t accepting any in this auction for a noncom educational station that is mutually exclusive with any application for a commercial station.

If multiple short-form applications pursue the same permit, the CP will be decided by competitive bidding.

The FCC expects to release the final list of applicants that are qualified to bid in early July, along with schedules for a mock auction and the first day of actual bidding.

Details are on the FCC’s info page for Auction 109.