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Nautel Introduces Online Testing

Factory acceptance process lets clients see their transmitter go through final checkout

Nautel, Factory Acceptance Test, radio transmittersNautel has introduced an online Factory Acceptance Testing program for new transmitters.

“A FAT is a set of predefined tests that many customers must witness being completed in real-time as part of project specifications,” the company stated in an announcement.

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Test Supervisor Charles Andrews said restrictions on travel because of the pandemic have made it harder for clients to come to the factory.

Nautel said the test team can use online meeting platforms paired with virtual communications interfaces such as Teams or Team Viewer, to allow customers to witness transmitter testing in real time as part of their acceptance process.

“The Nautel AUI and multiple pieces of measurement equipment are employed along with a suite of cameras, wireless microphones and personnel to conduct the tests. Customers are able to communicate with their transmitter(s) via the AUI and view performance measurements throughout the final testing process,” it stated.

The company posted the video below to explain the process.