Canada Launches New EAS

The ‘National Public Alerting System’ went into effect on March 31
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Canada’s new emergency alert system, known as the “National Public Alerting System” or “Alert Ready,” was activated on March 31.

As of that date, all cable and satellite companies, radio stations, over-the-air television stations and video-on-demand services in Canada are required to broadcast or distribute alerts that represent a threat to life or property.

Campus, community and native radio and television broadcasters, as well as radio communication distributors were not required to meet the March 31 deadline. Instead, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is extending their deadline to March 31, 2016.

Operated by Pelmorex Media, Alert Ready was developed in partnership with federal, provincial and territorial emergency management officials, Environment Canada and the broadcast industry. Alert messages will include messages relating to events like tornadoes, floods, forest fires, industrial disasters and tsunamis.


New York City EAS Plan Unveiled

City officials and broadcasters here think an agreement using the Emergency Alert System to allow Mayor Michael Bloomberg to warn of public safety emergencies is exactly what the emergency notification system should be used for.

Plans for New EAS Move Forward

Saying EAS needs improvements but not replacing, the Society of Broadcast Engineers along with a number of governmental entities continue working toward the launch of a new emergency alerting system.