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CBC Radio-Canada Uses SSL in Montreal

Studio 12 console supports live performance radio, TV and other work

CBC/Radio-Canada is using a 48-channel Solid State Logic C200 HD digital console with two SSL Morse Stage Boxes in its Studio 12 in Montreal.

The gear is to be used for live performance radio and TV work, music recording and mixing. It replaces an analog system. This is the facility’s largest recording studio for radio.

Audio capture is to a Pro Tools HD system. The Morse Stage Boxes provide 64 mic preamps and provide access to the C200 to support larger, microphone-intense sessions.

Michel Leduc is manager of broadcast engineering for CBC/Radio-Canada French Radio and TV projects.

Other SSL installations at CBC/Radio-Canada include two C148/64 consoles for Mobile (Premier) and Mobile (Encore) in Toronto; two C264 consoles in Studio 40 and Studio 42 in Toronto; two C140 consoles in Studio 51 and Studio 52 in Toronto; and a C232 for the HD Mobile truck in Halifax.