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Clear Channel Proposes Indecency Task Force

Clear Channel Proposes Indecency Task Force

As it got hit with what the FCC says is the largest broadcast indecency fine ever proposed, Clear Channel is calling on the FCC to form a “Local Values Task Force” to develop indecency guidelines “that would apply fairly and evenly” across all media platforms: radio, TV, cable and satellite networks.
“We believe the time has come for every sector of the media to join together and develop consistent standards that are in tune with local community values,” said Mark Mays, President and COO of Clear Channel Communications. “Our audiences deserve nothing less.”
Mays said the Task Force should be convened under the auspices of the FCC, but that the industry has a unique responsibility to address the problem. The task force would develop guidelines that balance First Amendment rights with local community values and eliminate confusion over what is and is not acceptable behavior on the airwaves, Mays said.