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Clear Channel Touts Expanded Emergency Prep Capabilities

Clear Channel Touts Expanded Emergency Prep Capabilities

The company has issued a summary of a system of multiple backup hubs, transmitters and news packages around the United States.
Here’s the text of the company’s announcement, which it says will ensure communication throughout its radio markets when disaster strikes:

* Radio transmitters, studio equipment and newsgathering packages have been installed in trucks and RV’s at Clear Channel Radio hub cities across the country.

* The hub cities will also house generators, satellite phones, fuel and supplies, even a portable tower on a trailer.

* Emergency backup satellite system will enable any of the company’s local radio studios to broadcast their local programming directly to any of the company’s tower sites when microwave links or land lines are down or fail.

* If emergencies force Clear Channel news teams and announcers to abandon their studios, the satellite equipment will enable the station crews of affected areas to broadcast from alternative, nearby locations to provide their listeners with valuable and up-to-date information.

* Several hub cities have already been set up with a focus on hurricane-prone areas

* Remaining hub cities will be in service before the end of the year.

* The support equipment will be located at Clear Channel Radio hubs cities spanning the U.S., strategically placed to be no more than a day’s drive from the local markets.

* There are six established hub cities: Tulsa, Philadelphia, Orlando, San Diego, Atlanta and Sacramento.

* The emergency backup satellite systems are now being deployed in all of the Gulf Coast states.

* Future deployments in expanded markets are also planned

* Battery operated radios are a citizen’s only lifeline to help and guidance when an emergency strikes.

* Employ lessons learned from previous natural disasters to strength Clear Channel’s already substantial contingency and emergency plans.

* To ensure Clear Channel’s commitment to provide quality communication and service to our communities before, during and after emergency situations.

The project is run by Clear Channel Radio’s Disaster Assistance & Response Team.