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Days After Big Pirate Action, Smaller Operators Called Out

Suspected broadcasters in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina and Florida targeted

A few days after taking significant action on two alleged pirate radio stations in the Boston area, the Federal Communications Commission continued to call out alleged pirates for unlicensed operation.

The last big actionhappened on March 26 when representatives from the U.S. Marshals Service, the Boston Police Department and the FCC seized the broadcasting equipment from two stations in Dorchester, Mass.

More actions came down soon after, including Notices of Unlicensed Operation for three alleged pirate operations in Brooklyn — one to a business known as Parkash 1718 LLC that was allegedly operating on 105.7 MHz and one to 108 Field Place Realty LLC that was allegedly operating on 99.3 MHz.

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A third notice was sent to Jean Claude Michel of Brooklyn, who was allegedly operating on a frequency that was already familiar to enforcement agents. An unauthorized station had previously been operating on 90.9 MHz from Nostrant Ave., the bureau said. Using direction-finding techniques, agents again determined that an unauthorized signal was allegedly emanating from Michel’s residence on that same frequency.

In addition, agents sent a letter to Angel Rigoberto for allegedly operating an unlicensed station on 90.5 MHz in the Newark, N.J., area.

Down south, enforcement agents in Miami took a backyard tour and met up with Jerome Moultrie at his residence on Northeast 149th St. in Miami. Agents allegedly observed an FM transmitting antenna mounted in a tree in the backyard with an antenna coaxial cable leading from the antenna into a small locked cabinet at the back of the house. A transmitter was allegedly found there as well, the bureau said, which was allegedly used to operate on frequency 90.1 MHz.

And in Fayetteville, N.C., agents from the Atlanta office responded to a complaint of an allegedly unlicensed FM station operating on the frequency 87.9 MHz in this city. Using direction-finding techniques, agents discovered that radio signals were allegedly emanating on 87.9 MHz from a residence on Clifford Ave. that is associated with Freddie Rodriguez.

Each individual was warned that operation of radio transmitting equipment without authorization constitutes a violation of the Federal laws and were given 10 days to show that they have FCC authority to operate. In the meantime, all unauthorized broadcasts were ordered to cease.