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Dial Global ‘Sticks the Landing’ in London

Engineering crew sent 10 cases of road gear, plus assorted equipment boxes to the Olympic Games

With the United States’ gold medal-winning women’s gymnastics team behind him in the studio for an interview, Executive Producer for Dial Global Sports Mike Eaby is seen here in the control room within the International Broadcast Center at the London Olympics.

Dial Global is very happy with how its Olympics equipment is performing for what is essentially a very long remote broadcast.

So says Mitch Glider, vice president of engineering at Dial Global, New York.

Dial Global acquired the radio rights to the Olympic Games as part of its merger with Westwood One last fall.

Glider told Radio World “everything we sent is working as described.” There were some telecom challenges early on but those were smoothed out, he said.

Along with 10 road cases of gear plus more miscellaneous equipment boxes to handle recording, routing and distributing audio, Dial Global sent two technicians and two sports producers along with an assortment of editors and announcers to London.

“It’s all about gathering, mixing and routing live audio,” said Glider.

The Dial Global Olympics crew will break down the gear, prepare the road cases for shipping the gear back to New York and fly home on Tuesday.

Upon returning Glider will be in New York preparing to go on the road for 15 days for the political conventions. Those will involve completely separate packages of gear than the Olympics.

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