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Digital Radio Finds Place in the Car

Vaizey says at Radio Festival that number or U.K. cars with digital as standard continues to increase

Almost 250,000 cars in the United Kingdom were registered in September with digital radio as standard, up nearly 50 percent on September 2013, according to Ed Vaizey, minister for Culture and the Digital Economy in the United Kingdom.

“This demonstrates the welcome commitment of the car industry to providing drivers with the full range of radio available today,” said Vaizey.

That comes to 58 percent of all new cars registered in the country, a number that is more significant when seen in the context of the past four years, when the digitization process began, explained Ford Ennals, CEO of Digital Radio UK during a conference session hosted by broadcaster Suzi Perry.

Ennals said the top 10 vehicle brands were introducing connected cars in the U.K. and announced findings from Digital Radio UK’s Digital Dashboard Audit, which showed the continuing importance of DAB plus FM.

He also noted that DRUK is collaborating with the Society of Motor Manufacturers and individual car companies to ensure that the multiplicity of in-car entertainment options does not negatively impact drivers (through distraction) or the radio industry.

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