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Dillon Rises in Enforcement Bureau

Dillon Rises in Enforcement Bureau

George Dillon is now assistant bureau chief of the Enforcement Bureau. He most recently served as the bureau’s engineering advisor, assisting the bureau chief on a wide range of public safety, technical and management projects.
Dillon also represents the bureau on the agency’s “Engineering-in-Training” Board, for which he received the Chairman’s Special Achievement Award, and was the principal leader of the Knowledge Sharing Program, which permits field engineers and headquarters engineers to exchange information and expertise. He is also a member of the Spectrum Policy Task Force.
Dillon joined the FCC in 1977. In 1984, he was the lead investigator in the commission’s successful resolution of two satellite jamming episodes. Prior to joining the commission, Dillon worked at Kennedy Space Center, Fla. as a control system engineer on the Apollo and Apollo-Soyuz launch vehicles.