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EAS Timetable on Engineers’ Minds

No word yet on exactly when 'shot clock' would start ticking

Online and backroom chatter in the alerting community suggests news might be pending on the launch of the EAS “shot clock” and, separately, a delay to the national EAS test. But officials have remained mum.

Earlier, we’d reported that the 180-day implementation clock was to start this fall.

Another question that has come up several times is whether federal grants will be available for those stations that upgrade their EAS system to be compliant with the Common Alerting Protocol.

Yet another query on engineers’ minds is how state alerting plans should be updated. Those thoughts were echoed and debated further this week on the SBE’s EAS listserv.

In comments to the FCC on changes to the alerting rules, NAB and several broadcasters have urged that FEMA delay starting the deadline by which participating stations must be compliant, in order to give them more time to purchase, install and test new gear. Others have argued that a delayed start would only push back implementation that much further.

Industry Seeks More Time to Install CAP-EAS Gear (May 2010)