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Eimac Offers New Radio Power Tube

Eimac Offers New Radio Power Tube

The Eimac division of CPI is out with a new power tube for radio transmitters that will be on display at the NAB show.
The air-cooled 3CX1500D7 ceramic metal triode operates at 5 volts, 30 amps. The company said it delivers the same performance in many applications as a pair of 3-500Z glass tubes.
“With output power capability above 2 kilowatts from this single new tube, actual usage at 1500 Watts does not even begin to approach the design limits,” according to spokesman John Allan in the company’s announcement.
“Mounting is in the same SK-410 socket used by the 3-500Z, and the filament voltage is the same. Since the 3CX1500D7 filament current matches that of two 3-500Zs, we do advise that related circuitry (such as RF chokes) be checked for their ratings if this tube is applied in a retrofit. It may be operated in zero-bias, grounded grid configuration at plate voltages up to 3kV, and may be operated up to 6kV with appropriate grid bias.”
He said the device will interest equipment manufacturers and DXers for use in RF linear amplifiers.