Engineer Recovering From Injuries in ATV Accident in Colorado

Amanda Alexander and friend both required surgery.
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Crawford Broadcasting engineer Amanda Alexander is recovering from an ATV accident.

Alexander and a friend were riding an all-terrain vehicle in the San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado last week. Her parents, including Crawford’s DOE Cris Alexander, were riding another.

The driver of her ATV missed a turn and the vehicle went off of the trail on the downhill side. “I believe the ATV rolled — not real sure as it happened so fast,” she told RW. She suffered a broken ankle. Following surgery the 22-year-old engineer has two screws in her ankle and another break that doctors hope will heal on its own.

Robert Payne, the 54-year-old driver and friend of the family’s, also required surgery and, according to Cris Alexander, now has a plate and numerous screws in the upper arm. Both are recovering from what the elder Alexander described as serious but not life-threatening injuries.

Cris and Amanda Alexander both contribute to Radio World; her father was recently named SBE’s Broadcast Engineer of the Year.