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Entercom Boston Selects Harris to Convert 5 Stations

Entercom Boston Selects Harris to Convert 5 Stations

Harris Corp. said Entercom Boston has upgraded its Harris Intraplex STL Plus system at WQSX(FM) to HD Radio, and has purchased a wireless STL system to be used by all five of the group’s stations. The STL Plus upgrade has already taken place, with the use of the wireless STL to begin this summer. The STL HD, based on Harris Broadcast Communications Division’s STL Plus, is designed for HD Radio. It provides a link system that can transport audio, LAN/WAN data, telephone and intercom voice, and remote control signals over various T1, E1 and other high-speed digital lines. What distinguishes the STL HD from the STL PLUS is the new PT/PR-353 module, which allows the STL HD to transport digital sound at the HD Radio recommended 44.1 kHz sample rate.
Harris said the wireless STL system allows Entercom Boston to feed programming created at a studio over one Intraplex microwave connection to a midpoint, which then transmits the signal to various transmitters located throughout suburban Boston. The microwave transmission will be used as a back-up to the phone system. All of Entercom Boston’s stations, WAAF(FM), WEEI(AM), WQSX(FM), WRKO(AM) and WVEI(AM), will utilize the wireless STL system.