ESE Has New Clock, Timing Products

ESE Has New Clock, Timing Products
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ESE has several new products including a GPS-based frequency standard, the ES-110. The ES-110 provides two 10 MHz outputs (one sine wave and one square wave) and a single phrase coherent 1 pps output, referenced to GPS.
The ES-171U universal time code reader is a small time-code display designed for a console mount application.
The LX-192U/194 and ES-192U/194 master clocks are master clocks suitable for applications that do not require GPS or temperature-controlled stability. These clocks use the AC line-frequency as a time reference or a quartz crystal time base is available as an option.


ESE Adds ES188 System(2)

ESE’s ES188 is a new master clock system that accepts timecode from NTP servers and distributes that timecode in a variety of outputs: ESE timecode, SMPTE, NPR timecode, ASCII code and 1 PPSec.