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ESPN Posts Video Tour of New Radio Facilities

New operation much larger, helps with video too

If you watch TV, you know that ESPN is very good at turning the hallways of its sports empire headquarters in Bristol into a reality video set.

Well, ESPN Radio is so proud of its new digs that it too has produced and made available a short video tour of them.

Hosted by ESPN Radio Engineer Brian Janes, the tour shows off new control rooms and national program studios (e.g., “The Herd” and “The Scott Van Pelt Show”), along with studios for play-by-play, news booths for smaller and support jobs and help with ESPN TV shows such as Sports Center. Included are all the needed broadcast equipment and editing systems. Additionally, there will be 16 high-definition cameras in the new rooms for webcam use.

The facility includes a screening area with multiple video screens to follow press conferences and news feeds.

ESPN’s Dan Quinn said of the new facility: “Compared to the ‘old’ ESPN Radio space, you’re almost reminded of watching ‘The Wizard of Oz’ when the picture transforms from black-and-white to color.”

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