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Exhibitors Show Lots of DRM Transmission Equipment

Exhibitors Show Lots of DRM Transmission Equipment

As the exhibit floor opens at NAB2004, several manufacturers are displaying DRM equipment:
– Ahead Software AG (Booth SL1743) will demonstrate a DRM software receiver as part of the latest Nero Digital AAC audio codec release.
– Broadcast Electronics (Booth N1902) will showcase a Thales DRM exciter (Stratus and Cirrus) along with one of BE’s 1kW AM transmitters.
– DRS Broadcast Technology (formerly Continental Electronics) is displaying a 100 kW short-wave transmitter (Booth N2402). The 418-DRM showtwave transmitter is designed specifically for DRM.
– Harris (Booth C1906) is showcasing the DRM-ready DAX Low-Power AM Transmitter.
– Nautel (Booth N3302) will feature its Digital Transmission Capable Medium Wave Transmitters, which are compatible with DRM. The NA100-300s are solid-state, high efficiency 100 kW to 300 kW, standalone transmitters. Higher power requirements may be addressed by combining NA power blocks. Nautel Medium Wave transmitters form 1 kW to 50 kW use the same technology for fixed frequency operation.
– RIZ Transmitters (Booth N2116) will have live DRM demonstrations using their RIZ DRM Exciter.
– TELEFUNKEN (Booth N 4612) will have DRM materials.
– Thales Broadcast & Multimedia (Booth C4709) will present live transmissions using a DRM transmission chain including the Alto-Stratus Encoder/Modulator, an M2W Medium-wave transmitter (10 kW analog; 7.2 kW digital) and receiving equipment.
Thales will feature Cirrus, Stratus and Alto-Stratus, the newest members of their Skywave 2000 family. Cirrus, the Digital DRM Encoder/ Multiplexer, handles the encoding of up to four audio or data services, generates the multiplexed stream and provides the DRM/DI (Distribution Interface) input for the modulators of AM broadcasting stations.
Stratus, the Digital DRM Modulator/Radio Frequency Exciter, handles multiple programs DRM Digital Input (DRM/DI) as well as analog audio input for analog AM broadcasting or can be combined with the DRM/DI input for simulcast operation. Alto-Stratus, the Digital DRM Encoder/Modulator, has been designed for use with the Thales M2W medium wave transmitter line, or any linear transmitter.