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FCC Continues Pirate Hunt in N.Y., N.J.

Commission sends cease and desist notices to four more operators

It’s long been reported that New York and New Jersey are brimming with alleged pirate activity. So perhaps it’s no surprise that the most recent alleged pirate activities noted by the FCC have been handed to four operators in those states.

Sean Marshall of the Bronx is a familiar figure to the bureau. In early June, agents from the New York office conducted a follow-up investigation into the complaint of an unlicensed FM station operating on the frequency 98.9 MHz in Bronx. After determining there was no license issued for a station at this location, agents confronted Marshall, who admitted he was operator of the radio station and had no authority to operate. Field strength levels topped off at 6,294 microvolts per meter (μV/m) at 515.24 meters, which exceeded the maximum permitted level of 250 μV/m at 3 meters for nonlicensed devices.

Nearby, investigators also followed up on complaints that radio signals on frequency 95.3 MHz were emanating from the apartment of Maria Santiago. Direction-finding equipment noted field strength of 2,306 μV/m at 1087 meters on frequency 95.3 MHz.

Across the river in New Jersey, the commission served a notice of unlicensed operation to Winston Tulloch and Phillip Mahoney of Paterson, N.J., for allegedly operating an FM station on the frequency 90.9 MHz. Agents measured signals from a residence emitting a field strength on frequency 90.9 MHz of 5,705 μV/m at 185 meters. Tulloch was noted as the owner of the station, while Mahoney was recognized as the owner of the building.

Agents gave each alleged operator 10 days to respond with evidence they have the authority from the FCC to operate, and were reminded that operating radio transmitting equipment above a certain level without authorization is a violation of the Federal laws. Penalties include monetary fines, confiscation of radio equipment or possible imprisonment.