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FCC’s Spectrum Use Site Is Finalized

Spectrum Dashboard passes beyond beta site, adds features

The FCC says its Spectrum Dashboard is no longer “beta,” and includes several enhancements.

Released in March alongside its national broadband plan, the website represents how spectrum is being used. The commission has taken public input on how to augment the tool and says more enhancements will follow.

The tool now includes an advanced search function, including the ability to search for licenses by channel block. Advanced search replaces the license categories search. A new auto complete function allows a user to search by a name and the Spectrum Dashboard will display all names that include the string of letters/characters entered.

When a user downloads results by clicking on the “Export Results” link, the results will download automatically if the results are 65,000 rows or less. If the results are more than 65,000 rows a user will receive an e-mail when the results are available.

Planned improvements over the next few months include the addition of leasing data, a tribal land search function, maps and Application Program Interfaces to allow third parties to access data more easily.