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Fence Fine for Alaska AM Upheld

Dispute over whether snow prevented tower access to public

A $5,600 fence-related fine against Alaska Integrated Media has progressed to a forfeiture order.

The owner of the former KOAN(AM), Anchorage, Alaska was originally penalized $7,000 in 2012 for not having a locked fence around its tower. During an inspection, agents noticed missing wood planks, allowing access to the tower base, noting it’s near a public road and a residence.

AIM changed the calls to KVNT in 2013 when it rebranded from a business format to “Valley News Talk 1020.”

AIM argued that the site was not accessible because of “significant snow,” according to the FCC’s account. The licensee also claimed the fence damage was caused by snow, an “Act of God,” and the violations were not willful and asked for the penalty to be cancelled.

The Enforcement Bureau doesn’t agree with that line of thinking and upheld the fine, though it did reduce the amount by $1,400 because of AIM’s past good compliance with commission rules.

AIM must pay within 30 days.

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