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Florida Man Faces FCC Pirate Penalty

FCC increases the proposed fine, citing apparent willful and repeated offenses

Twenty thousand dollars is the proposed penalty against a Florida man whom the FCC believes operated pirate radio signals in several instances over the past year or so using names like Super Star FM and Belle Radio FM 88.7.

The Federal Communications Commission Enforcement Bureau announced a notice of apparent liability against Charles Philome for signals on 88.7 and 90.1 MHz aired from locations in Pompano Beach and Margate. It said that on five days, its agents determined that unlicensed radio stations were operating on two different frequencies from three locations controlled by him or by businesses he ran. It said the proposed penalty was set higher than normal because some of the broadcasts were made after he had been warned. He has 30 days to pay or seek a reversal or reduction.

“Mr. Philome’s deliberate disregard of the commission’s warning warrants a significant penalty,” the Enforcement Bureau stated. “Commission action in this area is essential because unlicensed radio stations create a danger of interference to licensed communications and undermine the commission’s authority over FM broadcast radio operations.”

You can read the details here.