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Four Receiver Makers Plan Sirius Rollout

Four Receiver Makers Plan Sirius Rollout

Panasonic, Clarion, Jensen and Kenwood will have Sirius-ready radios in the early rollout markets.
The Sirius Plug ‘N Play radio from Jensen will be in retail stories in September, to coincide with Sirius’ planned late-summer nationwide launch. The package retails for about $300, including the tuner, the hand-held channel finder and mount sleeve, and the MA/Com magnetic mount antenna.
Jensen will introduce a portable, Sirius-enabled “boom box ” radio this year. Though final specifications have yet to be determined, Dale DiBernardo of Recoton Mobile Electronics said Jensen’s upcoming Model SRB2003 boom box will be a full-featured, stereo system.
“Satellite radio is the most highly anticipated consumer electronics product introduction since the DVD player, and its appeal extends far beyond the automotive environment,” said DiBernardo.
The unit is slated for release by the next holiday season. The SRB2003 boom box will incorporate the Sirius chip set and antenna, along with an AM/FM tuner and a CD section that will play MP3 files, CD-Rs, and conventional discs.