Global Digital Radio 2018

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Digital Radio continues its evolution. Whether it is the HD Radio, Digital Radio Mondiale or DAB standard, each technology has made notable advances in various regions of the world.

The latest Radio World International eBook, Global Digital Radio 2018, delves deep into the details of this progress, exploring such topics as DAB+ status worldwide; digital radio in the car; IP and hybrid radio; and lessons learned from the digital rollout in Norway.

eBook-Global Digital Radio 2018

It also offers insight into the specifics of DRM trials that recently took place in South Africa; DRM updates from India; HD Radio in the United States, Mexico and Canada; and more.

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The Modern Radio Studio ebook cover

The Modern Radio Studio

What does it take in the 21st century to design and build an efficient, cost-effective, forward-looking radio studio? The latest Radio World International eBook, “The Modern Radio Studio,” discusses issues broadcasters need to consider when refitting an entire network, or building a large or small single radio station. It provides examples of successful studio builds as well as offering tips from top global radio technologists about how to best plan or modernize one’s facilities, and more.