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GSS Systems Give Emergency Personnel Access to Alerting Networks

GSS Systems Give Emergency Personnel Access to Alerting Networks

Global Security Systems is offering three GSSNet receiver systems that provide OEMs, emergency personnel and the public with access to FM hazards-alerting transmission networks.
The company said its products – ICs and modules – allow OEM suppliers to integrate GSS into their systems for network access, the company said.
The company also is introducing an FM-network-enabled PDA with features aimed at field operations, as well as a home receiver that offers access to emergency alert data. The company’s Matthew Straeb said the ability to access emergency alert messaging and other communications has become a priority not only in government and corporate environments, but also for the citizens concerned about access to public notifications in the event of a disasters or other emergencies.
The IC-level system delivers FM-network connectivity with a Silicon Laboratories FM Tuner IC. The GSSNet-ready option features an API with an SDK that facilitates addressing capability and is suitable for integration into handhelds such as cell phones or BlackBerrys.
GSS also offers an OEM module comprising a GSS IC with a microcontroller and display. With network-access software installed, the company says its OEM product can be adapted for smoke detectors, car radios and toll-pass systems.
The GSSNet FM-enabled handset lets emergency personnel use the FM network to deliver controlled data to the receiver. It also ties into homeland security and public emergency management bodies.