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Italy: Radio Stations Unite Broadcasts in Call For Hope

“La Radio per l'Italia” will see the country’s radio stations join forces on March 20 in unprecedented initiative

On Oct. 6, 1924 regular radio broadcasts in Italy began with the following announcement: “Uri, Italian Radio Union, 1 RO, Rome station, wavelength 425 meters…”.

Credit: Studio Prodesign di Sergio Pappalettera

Almost 100 years after that radio broadcast, the country’s national and local radio stations are joining forces on the airwaves in an unprecedented broadcasting initiative — “La Radio per l’Italia.”

As an instrument of companionship and comfort, on Friday March 20 at 11 a.m., many of the nation’s stations will simultaneously air Italy’s national anthem and three songs that embody the country’s heritage.

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The unified broadcast will be diffused on available platforms, including FM, DAB, terrestrial television (audio only and visual channels) and streaming through stations’ websites and apps. The project aims to give strength to all Italians in this time of the coronavirus health crisis.

National radio broadcasters participating in the event include Rai Radio 1, Rai Radio 2, Rai Radio 3, Rai Isoradio, M2O, R101, Radio 105, Radio 24, Radio Capital, Radio Deejay, Radio Freccia, Radio Italia Solomusicaitaliana, Radio Kiss Kiss, Radio Maria, Radio Monte Carlo, Radio Radical, Radio Zeta, RDS 100% big hits, RTL 102.5 and Virgin Radio.

Local radio stations members of the Aeranti-Corallo Association and the local radio consortium FRT, Confindustria Radio Tv, will also take part in this initiative.

Organizers are calling for the entire nation to tune into their favorite station, turn up the volume, open the windows or go out on the balcony to sing together, waving the Italian flag or showing a symbol of Italy.

This, they said, will offer a moment of reflection, unification, and hope for all.