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Polestar Says New Model Will Have FM Analog After All (But Still No AM)

New car now features Google, Android, as well as access to FM and DAB

We reported on Monday that the head unit of the Polestar 2 had no analog radio in the dash. Since then, Polestar has told us the YouTube clip we referenced “contains a mistake” from one of their representatives and that the vehicle’s infotainment system will indeed offer access to FM, just not AM radio.

The Swedish firm said they are trying to have “the clip and any related news corrected.” It unveiled the Polestar 2 at the 89th Geneva International Motor Show this month.

The pre-production model of the compact, electric automobile on show during the event revealed an infotainment system based on Android with Google Assistant, Google Play Store and Google Maps. The system offers access to FM, DAB and DAB+ radio as well as streaming audio content. For the United States market it will support SiriusXM satellite radio.

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One of the first to reveal a complete Google system in the dashboard, the move ensures Polestar is aligned with the new European Electronic Communications Code (EECC), which requires all new car radios sold in EU member states to be capable of receiving digital terrestrial radio (in addition to any FM or AM functionality manufacturers may want to include) by 2020.