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Hivio Ideas Conference Assembles Innovators in San Diego

Google, Pandora and others will speak on marketing and branding in changing technology field

Thursday, June 20, representatives from Google, Pandora, Uber and other big-name communication innovators will take part in hivio, which touts outing itself as “radio’s first and only ideas un-conference” (we haven’t fact-checked that, but it could very well be true).

Envisioned by Mark Ramsey and Jaime Solis as a hive (hence the name) of “smart people to see, discuss and think about consumer-facing ideas,” the free, invitation-only event will be broadcast over YouTube, covering topics like branding, technology, and content, particularly around social media. 

Speakers will include, the well-known radio consultant, Mark Ramsey, president of Mark Ramsey Media, co-organizer, whose clients have included Clear Channel, CBS, Bonneville, Sirius XM and others. He is the author of “Making Waves: Radio on the Verge.”

Jaime Solis, founder of Spring House, an independent digital marketing agency, is the co-organizer. He hails from Delmarva Broadcasting, where he spearheaded several digital firsts for the company.

Other prominent people attending includes: Tom Conrad, chief technology officer and executive vice president of product at Pandora; Jean-François Gadoury, chief technology officer for Triton Digital and from Google+ will be Gabriela D’Addario, who handles media partnerships at Google+ and Maggie Ferrante, marketing.

There will also be a wide variety of other folks involved including: Samantha Migdal, San Diego community manager at Uber, the on-demand “limo experience” in which cars can be hailed via smartphone; Mike Hodges, president and chief operating officer of U-T San Diego, the Web operation of the San Diego Union-Tribune; Chad Robley, founder of Mindgruve, an independent digital marketing agency; Michael Warburton, marketing brand manager for the San Diego Zoo; Bryce Clemmer, co-founder of Vadio Inc.; Gary Kramer, artistic director of the National Comedy Theatre in both New York and San Diego; Sandy Hurst, founder & chief operating officer of SoCast SRM.