Hivio Ideas Conference Assembles Innovators in San Diego

Google, Pandora and others will speak on marketing and branding in changing technology field
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Thursday, June 20, representatives from Google, Pandora, Uber and other big-name communication innovators will take part in hivio, which touts outing itself as “radio’s first and only ideas un-conference” (we haven’t fact-checked that, but it could very well be true).

Envisioned by Mark Ramsey and Jaime Solis as a hive (hence the name) of “smart people to see, discuss and think about consumer-facing ideas,” the free, invitation-only event will be broadcast over YouTube, covering topics like branding, technology, and content, particularly around social media. 

Speakers will include, the well-known radio consultant, Mark Ramsey, president of Mark Ramsey Media, co-organizer, whose clients have included Clear Channel, CBS, Bonneville, Sirius XM and others. He is the author of “Making Waves: Radio on the Verge.”

Jaime Solis, founder of Spring House, an independent digital marketing agency, is the co-organizer. He hails from Delmarva Broadcasting, where he spearheaded several digital firsts for the company.

Other prominent people attending includes: Tom Conrad, chief technology officer and executive vice president of product at Pandora; Jean-François Gadoury, chief technology officer for Triton Digital and from Google+ will be Gabriela D’Addario, who handles media partnerships at Google+ and Maggie Ferrante, marketing.

There will also be a wide variety of other folks involved including: Samantha Migdal, San Diego community manager at Uber, the on-demand “limo experience” in which cars can be hailed via smartphone; Mike Hodges, president and chief operating officer of U-T San Diego, the Web operation of the San Diego Union-Tribune; Chad Robley, founder of Mindgruve, an independent digital marketing agency; Michael Warburton, marketing brand manager for the San Diego Zoo; Bryce Clemmer, co-founder of Vadio Inc.; Gary Kramer, artistic director of the National Comedy Theatre in both New York and San Diego; Sandy Hurst, founder & chief operating officer of SoCast SRM.