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If You Watch CNN, Do You Listen to Country?

If You Watch CNN, Do You Listen to Country?

For several months now, Arbitron has been issuing regular updates on the trial of its Portable People Meter in the Philadelphia area and what it is finding about audiences there.
According to Arbitron, the capture of both radio and TV audience on one measurement platform delivers “real” cross-media intelligence for media sellers and buyers.
For instance, it said, listeners to news/talk/sports radio formats are more likely than listeners of other formats to tune to PBS, independent stations and the big three network affiliates in Philadelphia.
Urban listeners show above-average audience numbers for WB, UPN and Fox.
Cable channels pull audience members from a range of radio format listeners. According to Arbitron, a high percentage of urban radio listeners tune to Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite, MTV, BET and Lifetime. CNN pulls in listeners in higher percentages from country and news/talk/sports formats.