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iHeart Intros All Access Family Plan

On-demand and multiple user capability features introduced

In an ongoing bid to reach an increasingly segmented audience, iHeartRadio introduced a new subscription service that offers access to live radio and unlimited audio streaming to multiple users in a single plan.

The program, called iHeart All Access Family Plan, offers five users in a single plan access to live radio, personalized radio stations, and the ability to play songs on demand. The program is an upgrade from the company’s previous high-end service, iHeartRadio Plus. The new program now allows for song skips, allows users to create custom playlists and download music and listen offline.

According to iHeart, the new family music subscription service is the first with demand functionality with the goal of making “radio truly interactive,” the company said.

Under the program, users can search from a library of millions of tracks and listen to personalized playlists and customized stations with unlimited skips. The new program will also allow users to save songs directly from a radio program as well as to access a library of podcasts.

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