Internet Radio 'Staying Afloat,' Researcher Says

Internet Radio 'Staying Afloat,' Researcher Says
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"Despite rough market conditions for Webcasters, thousands of online stations continue to stream their unique brand of entertainment," said the CEO of research firm MeasureCast, Randy Hill. "Internet radio may be sailing troubled waters, but it is staying afloat."
The company's June Internet Radio report showed some 4.3 million people listening to Web radio stations measured by the company, roughly the same number recorded in May, and 400,000 more people than measured in April.
The company provided audience data for 1,346 stations in June. Those stations streamed 37.6 million hours of entertainment, down slightly from May; the company said the drop was due to the summer holidays.


Embrace Internet Radio; It’s Here to Stay

Isn’t it good to learn Internet radio is not beyond the financial reach of most non-commercial radio simulcasters subject to the new CRB copyright rates? Isn’t it good to know interesting survival techniques exist for commercial radio simulcasters in spite of the new CRB copyright rates?