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Internet Radio Listening Rises in August

Internet Radio Listening Rises in August

Music streaming hours from Internet radio stations increased in the first week of August, according to Webcasting data and demographics company MeasureCast Inc.
The MeasureCast Internet Radio Listening Index for the week of August 5-11 rose 3 percent, marking the first increase since July 14 and a 136-percent increase since Jan. 6. The index is a representation of the trend in the total time spent listening (TTSL) to a spectrum of on-line stations monitored by MeasureCast. Nineteen of the company’s top 25 stations showed an increased TTSL, and 18 stations increased their audience size.
In a breakdown of statistics, MeasureCast found that Tuesday was the peak listening day, 79 percent of listening occurs during work hours, 56 percent of listeners were younger than 35 and 69 percent were men
The big winners for the week were Top Internet-only Station RADIOIO, with 180,841 TTSL and 40,904 listeners; Top Simulcast Station Virgin Radio/1215AM & 105.8FM, with 322,257 TTSL and 64,407 listeners; and Top Radio Network Clear Channel Worldwide, with 1,198,191 TTSL and 274,285 listeners.