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Internet Radio Stations to Appeal Royalties

Internet Radio Stations to Appeal Royalties

More than two dozen Internet radio stations intend to appeal the recent sound recording performance royalty decision of the Librarian of Congress, by filing Notices of Appeal with the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington. Appellants included, America Online, Radio Free Virgin, Live365, Onion River Radio, and RadioStorm. The Recording Industry Association of America also filed a Notice of Appeal on behalf of its constituents, the major record labels.
Jonathan Potter, Executive Director of the Digital Media Association, stated, “I am hopeful that a negotiated resolution will enable the Internet radio industry to withdraw this appeal, but there has been no indication that the RIAA or SoundExchange are seriously interested in royalty rates that will enable thousands of small webcasters to survive, or that will enable music lovers to continue enjoying the diverse Internet radio experience that promotes myriad artists whose music is never performed on traditional radio.”