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Is This Gear Stolen?

Ventura County authorities circulate list of equipment in Bondy case

The Sheriff’s Department in Ventura County, Calif., has circulated a list of radio equipment in the Kevin Bondy case, according to the CGC Communicator newsletter.

Bondy is accused of jamming some southern California radio frequencies; CGC reports a police search of his residence turned up a great deal of radio gear including many pieces of industrial land-mobile gear (repeaters, mobiles, portables), a few pieces of ham gear and four pieces of FM broadcast equipment including a Broadcast Electronics FM 1C 1,000 watt transmitter and FX50 exciter, Bext FM 20W Transposer and what appears to be an Inovonics Model 705 baseband device.

CGC is asking readers to look at the list (PDF) and, if they identify familiar equipment, to contact the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department.