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‘Jack, Bob and Pals’ Said to Have Lasting Impact

‘Jack, Bob and Pals’ Said to Have Lasting Impact

“Nearly three years after the debut of Adult Hits, most radio stations that have adopted radio’s newest format are still showing audience gains over what their previous programming delivered.” That’s the word from Arbitron and Edison Media Research.
“At least of half of Adult Hits stations have also defied the conventional wisdom that the audience for any oldies-based format has nowhere to go but down after any initial peak in audience.”
The study is called “Adult Hits 2006: Keeping Track Of Jack, Bob and Pals” and looked at 38 stations that have been with the format for at least three quarterly Arbitron ratings reports, including one that switched to the format in late 2003.
“In terms of station performance since embracing the Adult Hits format, 15 were up among 25-54 year olds in the winter ’06 ratings, 22 were down and one was flat,” Arbitron stated. “Of the 38 stations examined, 36 were measured against their previous format (two were launched on brand new frequencies). Of those 36, 28 had higher ratings among 25-54s in winter ’06 than in that station’s last book before changing format.”
Of the 38 stations examined, at least half have rebounded from at least one decline in audience during a quarterly survey period, a number “that is only likely to increase as stations stay with the format during additional Arbitron surveys.”
More than 80 percent of listeners to Adult Hits stations are adults, age 25–54. Only three stations – Bonneville’s KPKX (the Peak) Phoenix and WARH (the Arch) St. Louis and Citadel’s KBBD (Bob FM) Spokane, Wash. – were ranked number one in average quarter hour ratings for adults, age 25-54, during the Winter 2006.
An Edison exeuctive said in the announcement, “This study suggests that well-programmed, well-executed Adult Hits stations can be durable.”