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January Will Bring Last AM Window for FM Translators

Here are the dates

Here’s comes the next — and presumably final — opportunity for an AM station to apply for an FM translator.

As part of its AM revitalization efforts, the Federal Communications Commission had authorized the Media Bureau to open several windows over the past two years specifically for AM stations to modify or obtain FM translators.

This next window, as part of Auction 100, is open to any AM station licensee that did not participate in one of several windows already been conducted — including two FM translator modification windows last year and the first cross-service FM translator auction filing window opened earlier this year.

This filing window is open only Jan. 25 to Jan. 31.

Keep in mind some key rules. During the filing window, a licensee or permittee may propose only one cross-service FM translator for each AM primary station to be rebroadcast. Any FM translator station acquired through this filing window will not be allowed to rebroadcast any station other than the AM primary station identified in the application.

As the FCC prepares to deal with applications, the Media Bureau said it will not accept FM booster construction permit applications and minor change construction permit applications from LPFMs and FM translators between Jan. 18 and Jan. 31.

The commission is setting up an online tutorial with an overview of the application filing requirements. That tutorial will be available on Jan. 10 at the Auction 100 website under the “Tutorial” section.

Detailed information on the filing procedure, including which FCC forms must be filed and their due dates, can be found here.