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Law Firm Focuses on HD Radio Car Receivers

Keefe Bartels says it is 'investigating' the marketing and sales of certain products

Attorneys for New Jersey-based personal injury law firm Keefe Bartels want to hear from people who believe they have defective HD Radio receivers in their new cars.

On its website, the firm has posted two articles specifically about HD Radio, saying it is “investigating” the marketing and sales of HD car radios by certain car manufacturers. They seem to be focusing on BMW and Jaguar IBOC receivers, though the website lists all auto manufacturers that offer the radios.

“Despite the increased sales of HD car radios and the growing number of radio stations transmitting digitally, there are continual complaints about the technology and these audio devices,” the site states.

“HD car radios are plagued by an inability to receive the digital signals transmitted by FM and AM radio stations and a significantly reduced sound quality when such signals are received,” the trial lawyers state on the site. The attorneys do not specify whether consumers have complained to them about the radios or identify specific complaints.

“If you or someone you know recently experienced problems with a HD car radio in a newly purchased or leased BMW or Jaguar automobile, please contact the attorneys at Keefe Bartels, LLC to see if they can help you.”

“As news develops and the investigation proceeds, Keefe Bartels, LLC will carefully monitor events and research all relevant laws,” promise the attorneys.

IBiquity Digital declined comment.