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Libya Meeting, New Sales for OnAir Medya

Contracts from three stations in Libya cover full studio, STL, transmitter and antenna systems

OnAir Medya announced that it is hosting a meeting and workshop for broadcasters on May 7–8 in Benghazi, Libya.

Held at the Tibesti hotel, the Turkish company will present during the event its line of LDMOS FM transmitters and train operators how to operate and control them remotely.

The firm says that it recently received contracts from three stations in Libya for the supply of full studio, STL, transmitter and antenna systems. According to OnAir Medya representative Abdalla Ibrahim, one station broadcasts the Quran in the city of Derna, while the other two stations transmit respectively news and information and generalist programs in Benghazi. All use 2.5 kW FM transmitters from OnAir Medya.

The new FM transmitters feature a humidity sensor that automatically turns on the air conditioning for use in hot and humid climates, as well as remote access to information regarding output power and drain currents of each transistor. Furthermore, says the company, the transmitters keep a remotely accessible event log to help the user understand the cause of any problems.

“We have installed OnAir Medya’s 1 kW and 2.5 kW transmitters at five stations here during the last three months, said Ibrahim. “We are able to reach the transmitters, which are each equipped with a four-unit 800-W pallet amplifier, via the Internet so as to monitor and adjust the parameters as necessary, thus allowing for simple after-sales service.”