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Mega Media Revises Lease for New York 87.7 Frequency

Pulse 87 reduces operating costs

One of the immediate beneficiaries of Arbitron’s new policy of including low-power TV stations that meet its minimum reporting requirements in its Portable People Meter ratings is Mega Media’s WNYZ(LP,) known as “Pulse 87” operating on 87.7 MHz in New York.

Mega Media‘s wholly owned subsidiary Echo Broadcasting Group signed a revised 10-year air lease with Island Broadcasting Company for WNYZ.

Under the terms of the new agreement, advertising revenue less commission expense will be split by the parties, with minimum annual revenue guarantees by Mega Media Group Inc.

Mega Media Group CEO Alex Shvarts said the new deal “significantly” reduces Mega’s operating costs for the station while allowing the company to focus more on brand development. “Highlighting the recent change in our Arbitron Ratings survey reporting, we can now concentrate on marketing our brand which has already seen a steady terrestrial audience reach in New York to just under 600,000 weekly listeners and our online streaming and website traffic which has realized double digit growth in the first three months of this year.”