Minority Stations Ownership Up Slightly

Minority Stations Ownership Up Slightly
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Minorities own less than 4% of all commercial stations in the U.S. and Commerce Secretary Norman Mineta says, "As we work hard to include more minorities in new media, let us not forget the critical role of minority voices and culture for television and radio."
Mineta is basing his comments on a report issued by the Commerce Department's National Telecommunications and Information Administration. According to the report, 3.8% of commercial radio and TV stations are licensed to minorities, 0.9 percentage points over the last survey in 1998.
Most minority-owned stations are stand-alones. In 2000, only 131 minority-owned stations were part of a duopoly.
NAB supports Congressional passage of a new version of the minority tax certificate program, to help minorities buy stations.


McDowell on Increasing Minority Station Ownership

Robert McDowell says he hears the hollers: "We have been yelled at about the Iraq war, global warning, the tyranny of America's copyright laws and the need to legalize drugs," so said the FCC Commissioner in discussing the commission's media ownership hearings.