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MMTC Calls SSN Requirement for Ownership Forms ‘Intrusive’

Says FCC should rethink that for new Form 323

The Minority Media and Telecommunications Council says the Federal Communications Commission has gone too far in requiring social security numbers as part of the new broadcast ownership report process, calling it an “invasion of privacy.”

The group says the FFC should reconsider requiring individuals to submit their social security numbers to the commission to get an FCC Registration Number required by the new Form 323.

While MMTC supports changes to the form to gather more information on race and gender information from broadcast owners, these goals “do not necessitate the intrusion on personal privacy,” MMTC told the agency in a Nov. 18 letter.

Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth has filed a Motion for Stay (PDF) with the commission, asking it to delay the Dec. 15 filing deadline for the same reason.