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NAB Changes Course on Exhibit Passes at Fall Show

NAB Changes Course on Exhibit Passes at Fall Show

Apparently having gotten quite an earful, the NAB is dropping a policy change that had been vexing exhibitors in advance of the upcoming NAB Radio Show in Philadelphia.
As Radio World Online first reported two weeks ago, the NAB had decided it would no longer supply unlimited free exhibits-only passes for suppliers to hand out. Instead, each exhibitor would be offered 20 “VIP Day Passes” for favored customers. These passes would be good for one day each. It also planned to conduct sessions on two stages right on the show floor.
This week, however, representatives of the NAB Conventions Department held a conference call with 16 exhibitor representatives.
“We are responding to their request to continue the previous Guest Pass program,” a spokesman said. “The only change from the previous policy is that there will be an online form available for each exhibitor to customize for their guests, as opposed to a printed pass used previously.”
He said the NAB also is removing one of the stages on the show floor and moving those sessions into the meeting rooms.
“The remaining sessions on the show floor will be open to all show participants.”
According to an e-mail sent to exhibitors, companies participating in the conference call included Radio Systems, Comrex, ENCO Systems, Harris, OMT Technologies, Logitek, Prophet Systems, Audemat, Ibiquity Digital, Arbitron, Energy-Onix, Staco, SAS, Robinson Media Group, Intertech Media and Family Net.
“Those who participated were very clear in their position that to limit Guest Passes would inhibit their ability to secure more visitors to the event, particularly since we are on the East Coast for the first time in many years,” the NAB’s e-mail stated. “We also learned that although radio exhibitors are interested in seeing conference attendees, they are equally interested in seeing radio buyers who are engineers and might not be your typical conference attendee.”
The e-mail concluded with, “We are also excited by the offer extended by participants on the conference call to make sure that you will take full advantage of the program and promote the show with the same vigor you’ve demonstrated to us in recent weeks.”