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NAB to FCC: Wait on AM IBOC Until All Data In

NAB to FCC: Wait on AM IBOC Until All Data In

NAB opposes a petition filed with the FCC on IBOC that says there’s a way that exists now to allow the majority of AMs to go digital at night without causing undue interference to their neighbors. NAB stated it believes the work done by Glen Clark and Associates is important, but not enough information for the commission to begin immediate authorizations of AM IBOC at night. NAB suggests the agency wait until Ibiquity submits further tests results, possibly by the end of the month.
Clark said NAB’s position, to wait for a short period, is reasonable. But he stands by what he submitted.
“The five-step test is defensible. We’re not going to withdraw the petition.”
Clark plans to discuss his theory at the IBOC presentations on Sunday, April 6, at NAB2003.