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NATE Emphasizes Safety Guide

Tower guys encourage visitors to online safety tool

The National Association of Tower Erectors is making an effort to get members to use its online Tower Site Hazard Recognition Guide.

Aiming to reach its 1,000th view by Aug. 1, NATE is offering prizes such as free passes to the annual convention, a NATE-branded backpack and NATE-branded clothing such as a leather jacket, sweatshirt and ball cap to encourage members to use it.

NATE Executive Director Patrick Howey stated: “We believe the information in the Hazard Recognition Guide saves lives, so we’re offering an incentive to further spread this knowledge to the 1,000th tower industry professional and beyond.” He encouraged broadcasters and others involved with towers to become familiar with the guide and its hazard identification insight. “And if you have not visited the site recently, you should check out the new features.”

According to a recent release, the guide includes “the most important aspects of hazard recognition and safety on broadcast and communication tower sites. Hazards highlighted in the guide range from correct ladder use to OSHA-required personal protection equipment (PPE) for tower technicians.”

NATE’s next annual convention is in February in San Antonio.